Recently Sold Properties

27 Norway Spruce

111 Sable Run Drive

475 Laurier Avenue W

45 Bert Hall Street

162 Ridgemont Drive

151 Ridgemont Drive

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I remove “SOLD” properties from my website once the sale is complete.

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Statistics from OREB 2018

 List of streets in your neighbourhood
where John Spagnoli has helped both Buyers and Sellers fulfill their needs:  


Abaca Way- 9 Properties SOLD

Abbott Street- 2 Properties SOLD

Ackerson Road- 1 Property SOLD

Alberni Street- 1 Property SOLD

Albury Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Aldgate Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Aldworth Private – 1 Property SOLD

Allenby Road- 1 Property SOLD

Alon Street- 8 Properties SOLD

Ambleside Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Amberlakes- 3 Properties SOLD

Amethyst Crescent- 3 Properties SOLD

Amy Street- 2 Properties SOLD

Applecross- 1 Property SOLD

Aquapass Place- 1 Property SOLD

Armitage Avenue – 1 Property SOLD

Arrowwood Drive- 4 Properties SOLD

Artesa Private – 1 Property SOLD

Ashton Creek Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Ashbury Street- 1 Property SOLD

Augusta Street- 1 Property SOLD

Ayton Lane- 1 Property SOLD

Azurite Crescent- 1 Property SOLD


Ballantrae Way- 1 Property SOLD

Ballyhaise Way- 1 Property SOLD

Banchory Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Bandelier Way- 2 Properties SOLD

Bank Street-1 Property SOLD

Baroness Drive- 1 Property  SOLD

Bartley Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Basford Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD

Bay Hill Ridge- 3 Properties SOLD

Baywood Drive- 4 Properties SOLD

Beach Road – 1 Property SOLD

Beamish Crescent-1 Property SOLD

Beatrice Drive-1 Property SOLD  

Beechfern Drive- 13 Properties SOLD

Beachview Private-1 Property SOLD

Bell Street- 4 Properties SOLD

Bellman Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Belton Avenue- 4 Properties SOLD

Benjamin Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Berrigan Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Bert G. Argue Drive- 2 Property SOLD

Bert Hall Street – 1 Property SOLD

Besserer Street – 2 Property SOLD

Beverly Street-3 Properties SOLD

Bickerton Drive – 1 Property SOLD

Biltmore Crescent-1 Property SOLD

Birchbank Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Birchview Road- 1 Property  SOLD

Birdstone Avenue- 1 Properties SOLD 

Biscayne Crescent-1 Property  SOLD

Bishop Mills Way- 1 Properties SOLD 

Black Bear Way- 2 Properties SOLD

Black Bird Lane- 2 Properties SOLD

Blackdome Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Blue Water Crescent-1 Property SOLD 

Bonfield Private – 1 Property SOLD

Bradley Street-2 Properties SOLD

Brae Crescent – 1 Property SOLD

Bramble Lane- 1 Property SOLD

Brettonwood Ridge – 1 Property SOLD

Brightside Avenue- 7 Properties SOLD

Bryce Place- 3 Properties SOLD

Burnaby Drive- 2 Properties SOLD

Burnt Lands Road- 1 Property SOLD


Cahill Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Calabar Court- 1 Property SOLD

Calbrent Way- 1 Property SOLD

Cambray Lane- 1 Property SOLD 

Candow Crescent- 5 Properties SOLD

Carbery Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Caribou Avenue- 9 Properties SOLD

Carlisle Circle- 1 Property SOLD 

Carp Road- 2 Properties SOLD

Casey Creek Lane- 1 Property SOLD

Castle Glen Crescent-1 Property SOLD

Castlefield Avenue- 3 Properties SOLD

Castlefrank Road- 2 Properties SOLD

Celebration Street-1 Property SOLD  

Chambers Street – 1 Property SOLD

Celtic Ridge- 2 Properties SOLD

Centenaire Street – 2 Property SOLD

Chantilly Gate- 4 Properties SOLD

Cherry Drive- 4 Properties SOLD

Cinnabar Way- 8 Properties  SOLD

Claymore Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Cloverloft- 1 Property  SOLD

Coach Avenue- 4 Properties SOLD

Coachman- 3 Properties SOLD 

Cobden Road- 1 Property SOLD

Cockburn Street- 1 Property SOLD 

Coldstream Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Colindale Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Coleman Street-2 Properties SOLD

Conductor Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Conley Road- 3 Properties SOLD

Copper Street- 1 Property SOLD 

Coriolis Court- 1 Property SOLD

County Road 43- 1 Property SOLD

Covington Place- 1 Property SOLD

Coyote Crescent- 8 Properties SOLD

Crab Tree Street- 1 Property SOLD

Crampton Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Crantham Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD

Crossing Bridge Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Cumberland Street- 1 Property SOLD

Curran Street- 1 Property SOLD

Cypress Garden- 1 Property SOLD


Dallaire Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Dalewood Crescent- 3 Properties SOLD

Daphne Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

David Manchester Road- 3 Properties SOLD

Deer Moss Trail- 2 Property SOLD

Deerchase Court- 2 Properties  SOLD

Deercroft Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Delamere Drive- 7 Properties SOLD

Denali Way- 1 Property SOLD 

Denham Way- 2 Properties SOLD

Desmond Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Dolomite Street- 1 Property SOLD

Dowler Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Downsview Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Draper Avenue – 1 Property SOLD

Drew Henry Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Drysdale Street- 1 Property SOLD

Dulmage Crescent – 1 Property SOLD

Dunedin Lane- 1 Property SOLD


Eagle Rock Way- 1 Property SOLD

Earl Court Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

East Healey Avenue- 2 Properties SOLD 

Echo Pond Way- 1 Property SOLD

Echowoods Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Eckerson Avenue- 8 Properties SOLD

Eileen Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD 

Elderwood Trail- 2 Property SOLD

Eliza Crescent- 5 Properties SOLD  

Elm Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Ember Glow Court- 3 Properties SOLD

Emerald Gate- 1 Property SOLD

Escade Drive-1 Property SOLD

Etta Street- 1 Property SOLD

Evelyn Street- 1 Property SOLD


Fairlop Way- 1 Property SOLD

Fallowfield Road- 3 Properties SOLD

Farmstead Road- 1 Property SOLD

Feldspar Crescent- 4 Properties  SOLD

Fenerty Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Ferdinand Street- 1 Property SOLD

Fernbank Road- 5 Properties  SOLD

Field Street- 1 Property SOLD

Fifth Line Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Flewellyn Road- 2 Properties SOLD

Forest Creek Drive- 6 Properties SOLD

Forest Heights Avenue- 3 Properties SOLD

Forester Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Forest Grove Drive- 3 Properties SOLD

Fourth Avenue- 1 Property SOLD Glebe

Foxborough Private- 1 Property SOLD

Frank Street- 1 Property SOLD

Francis Colbert Drive-1 Property SOLD 

Franktown Road- 1 Property SOLD

Franklin Cathcart Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Friendly Court- 5 Properties SOLD



Galena Court- 2 Properties SOLD  

Gertie Street- 5 Properties SOLD  

Glencastle Drive- 1 Property SOLD  

Goldridge Court- 1  Property SOLD  

Goodman Drive- 2 Properties SOLD  

Goulbourn Street- 4 Properties SOLD

Gourlay Crescent – 1 Property SOLD 

Grainstone Way- 1 Property SOLD  

Grand Cedar Court – 1 Property SOLD

Grand Harbour Court- 3 Properties SOLD  

Granite Court- 1 Property SOLD  

Granite Ridge Drive- 2 Properties SOLD  

Graphite Road- 3 Properties SOLD  

Greenhaven Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD

Greenland Road – 1 Property SOLD  

Grengold Way- 1 Property SOLD   

Guelph Private- 1  Property  SOLD  

Guilford Court- 1 Property SOLD  


Halton Terrace- 2 Properties SOLD  

Hamilton Street- 1 Property SOLD

Hampel Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Hardwood Drive – 1 Property SOLD

Harmattan Avenue- 2  Properties SOLD

Harmony Way- 1 Property SOLD

Harry Douglas- 2 Properties SOLD

Hartsmere Drive- 2 Properties SOLD

Havenwood Trail- 3 Properties SOLD  

Hearn Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Hearst Way- 1 Property SOLD

Heather Glen Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Hedgerow Lane- 1 Property SOLD

Helm Circle- 6 Properties SOLD

Hemlo Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Herington Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Herschel Crescent- 1 Property SOLD  

Hesse Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Highgate Road- 2 Properties SOLD

Hillsboro Private- 1 Property SOLD

Hobin Street- 9 Properties SOLD

Holland Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Horseshoe Crescent- 5 Properties SOLD

Howe Street- 1 Property SOLD

Hugh Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Huntley Road- 1 Property SOLD

Huntsman Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Hyannis Avenue-1 Property SOLD


Innesbrook Court-1 Property SOLD 

Inniskillin Drive-1 Property SOLD

Insmill Court-1 Property SOLD

Irish Rose Crescent-1 Property SOLD

Ironstone Court – 1 Property SOLD

Irving Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Jackson Stitt Circle- 2 Properties SOLD

Jacqueline Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD

James Lewis Avenue- 7 Properties SOLD

Jasmine Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Jensen Court- 1 Property SOLD 

John Sidney Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Jonathan Pack Street- 1 Property SOLD

Joseph Circle- 2 Properties SOLD

Juniper Court- 1 Property SOLD


Kathleen Crescent- 24 Properties SOLD

Kearnsley Way- 8 Properties SOLD

Kelly Farm Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Kenins Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Kerwin Road- 1 Property SOLD

Kesler Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

Kilborn Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Kimbolton Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Kimini Drive- 2 Properties SOLD

Kimpton Drive- 4 Properties SOLD

Kinalea Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD

Kincardine Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Kinghaven Court- 1 Property SOLD

Kintail Court- 1 Property SOLD

Kirchoffer Avenue- 4 Properties SOLD Westboro

Kittiwake Drive- 10 Properties SOLD

Kohilo Crescent1 Property SOLD

Klondike Road- 1 Property SOLD

Kyle Avenue- 6 Properties SOLD


Lady Slipper Way- 1 Property SOLD

Ladybirds Crescent- 6 Properties SOLD

Landwood Way- 4 Properties SOLD

Langford Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Lanigan Court- 10 Properties SOLD

Lorne Street – 1 Property SOLD

Lassiter Terrace- 1 Property SOLD 

Laumann Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Laurel Valley Court- 1 Property SOLD

Laurier Avenue- 2 Property SOLD

Leeming Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Lennox Street- 1 Property SOLD

Leroy Street- 1 Property SOLD

Liard Street- 2 Properties SOLD 

Linton Road- 1 Property SOLD

Lloydalex Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD 

Losino Crescent – 1 Property SOLD

Lochaber Avenue- 3 Properties SOLD

Lone Meadow Trail- 7 Properties SOLD

Loyalist Street- 1 Property SOLD


Main Street- 1 Property SOLD

Malakoff Road- 1 Property SOLD

Maley Lane- 1 Property SOLD

Maloja Way- 1 Property SOLD

Manchester Street- 1 Property SOLD

Manion Road- 1 Property SOLD

Maple Lane- 1 Property SOLD

Maple Grove Road- 3 Properties SOLD    

Marabrooke Street- 1 Property SOLD

Maravista Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Marchvale Drive- 3 Properties SOLD  

Marlene Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Mary Hill Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Massie Drive – 1 Property SOLD

Mazari Crescent – 1 Property SOLD

McClelland Road- 1 Property SOLD

McClintock Way- 1 Property SOLD

McCuaig Drive- 1 Property SOLD

McCurdy Drive- 2 Properties SOLD  

McDermot Court – 1 Property SOLD

McGregor Scobie Crescent – 1 Property SOLD

McKenzie Avenue – 1 Property SOLD

McLaughlin Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

McLeod Street- 1 Property SOLD

Meadowbreeze Drive- 2 Properties SOLD

Meadowland Drive- 2 Property SOLD  

Mika Street- 24 Properties SOLD   

Milner Downs Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Mission Trail – 1 Property SOLD

Mistral Way- 2 Properties SOLD  

Mojave Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD  

Monaghan Lane- 2 Properties SOLD  

Montcrest Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Montserrat Street- 3 Property SOLD

Morenz Terrace- 1 Property SOLD

Moresby Drive- 1 Property SOLD

MorningSun Crescent- 7 Properties SOLD

Moorcroft Road – 1 Property SOLD 

Mullcraft Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Munster Road- 1 Property SOLD


Naismith Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Ninth Line Road- 1 Property SOLD

Norice Street- 1 Property SOLD

Northgraves Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Norway Spruce Street- 4 Properties SOLD


Oakfern Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Oakmont Court – 1 Property SOLD

Orville Street- 2 Properties SOLD

Osgoode Main Street- 1 Property SOLD 

Osgoode Ridge Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Ottawa Street- 1 Property SOLD 

Overland Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Owlshead Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Oyster Bay Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD


Paden Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Panmure Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Parkdale Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Patriot Place- 1 Property SOLD 

Pattermead Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Patterson Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Pattie Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Pebble Beach Court- 1 Property SOLD 

Pendra Way- 1 Property SOLD 

Pennycross Lane- 2 Property SOLD 

Peregrine Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Pickford Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Pineglen Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Plante Drive- 2 Properties SOLD

Poole Creek Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Porcupine Trail- 2 Properties SOLD

Portadown Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Potts Private- 1 Property SOLD 

Pretty Street- 2 Properties SOLD

Princess Louise Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Prudhomme Private- 1 Property SOLD 

Pullman Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 


Queen Charlotte Street- 2 Properties SOLD 

Queensdale Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 


Rainforest Drive – 1 Property SOLD

Ralph Park Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Randall James Drive- 12 Properties SOLD

Ravenscroft Court- 4 Properties SOLD

Ravenview Way- 1 Property SOLD 

Red Willow Drive- 2 Properties SOLD

Red Stone Lane- 1 Property SOLD 

Regiment Avenue- 2 Properties SOLD

Renshaw Avenue- 3 Properties SOLD

Richmond Road- 2 Properties SOLD

Ridgemont Drive- 11 Properties SOLD

Ridgefield Drive – 1 Properties SOLD

River Road- 1 Property SOLD 

River Oaks Court- 1 Property SOLD

Roberge Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Robertlee Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Rock Dove Court- 1 Property SOLD 

Rodger Road – 1 Property SOLD

Rosebella Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Rosehill Avenue- 9 Properties SOLD

Rothbourne Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Rothesay Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Roundhay Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Royal Fern Way- 1 Property SOLD 

Royal York Street- 1 Property SOLD

Rutherford Way – 1 Property SOLD


Sable Run Drive- 5 Properties SOLD

Salter Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Samuel Mann Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Sandhill Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Saddlesmith Circle – 1 Property SOLD

Savage Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Sawchuk Terrace- 1 Property SOLD 

Sawgrass Circle- 3 Properties SOLD

Scotchline Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Scout Street- 2 Property SOLD 

Seabrooke Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Seventh Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Shady Branch Terrace- 2 Properties SOLD

Shannondoe Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Shehyn Lane- 1 Property SOLD 

Sheppard’s Glen- 1 Property SOLD 

Sherring Crescent- 2 Property SOLD 

Sherway Drive- 1 Property SOLD 

Shining Star Circle- 2 Properties SOLD

Shipley Crescent- 3 Properties SOLD

Sirocco Crescent- 10 Properties SOLD

Slate Drive- 2 Property SOLD 

Smoketree Crescent- 5 Properties SOLD

Snowy Owl- 2 Property SOLD 

Sonesta Circle- 1 Property SOLD 

South Flesher Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Southgate Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Spartan Grove Street- 1 Property SOLD 

Spindle Way- 2 Properties SOLD

SpringCreek Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Springhill Road- 1 Property SOLD 

Springwood Circle- 4 Properties SOLD

Stableview Way- 2 Properties SOLD

Steeple Hill Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Steggall Crescent- 5 Properties SOLD

Steventon Crescent- 3 Properties SOLD

Stitt Street- 5 Properties SOLD

Stittsville Main- 5 Properties SOLD

Stonehill Court- 1 Property SOLD 

Stonepath Crescent- 11 Properties SOLD

Stoney Pond Court- 7 Properties SOLD

Stowgrass Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD 

Strathcarron Crescent- 1 Property SOLD 

Sundew Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Sunnyside Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Sunrise Avenue- 1 Property SOLD 

Sutcliffe Terrace- 1 Property SOLD 


Talltree Crescent- 6 Properties SOLD

Tamblyn Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD

Terrace Ridge- 1 Property SOLD 

Third Avenue- 1 Property  SOLD Glebe 

Tischart Crescent- 1 Property SOLD

Tramontana Place- 1 Property SOLD

Tempest Drive – 2 Property SOLD

Tenth Line Road- 1 Property SOLD

Teron Road- 2 Properties SOLD

Thistledown Court- 2 Properties SOLD

Timberwood Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Tower Road- 1 Property SOLD


Vendevale Avenue- 2 Properties SOLD

Vermeer Way- 3  Properties SOLD 

Vezina Place – 1 Property SOLD

Victor Street- 2 Properties SOLD

Viewmount Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Visiting Road- 1 Property SOLD


Wagon Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Waterton Crescent- 4 Properties SOLD 

Weatherston Street- 1 Property SOLD

Wellsmere Court- 1 Property SOLD

Wendell Avenue- 3 Properties SOLD 

West Healey Avenue- 1 Property SOLD

West Ridge Drive- 18 Properties SOLD 

Whalings Circle- 35 Properties SOLD 

Wheatfield Crescent- 2  Properties SOLD 

Whernside Terrace- 1 Property SOLD

White Lake Road- 1 Property SOLD

White Spruce Street- 1 Property SOLD

Whiteford Way- 1 Property SOLD

Whitetail Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Wilbert Cox Drive- 2 Properties SOLD 

Wild Cherry Drive- 2 Properties SOLD 

Wilderness Way- 7 Properties SOLD 

Wildmeadow Circle- 1 Property SOLD

Wildpine Court- 2 Properties SOLD 

William Mooney Road- 1 Property SOLD

Willow Gardens Crescent- 2 Properties SOLD 

Wimbeldon Way- 1 Property SOLD

Winchester Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Wintergreen Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Wood Duck Drive- 1 Property SOLD

Woodrow Avenue- 1 Property SOLD