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Mother's Day from a Distance

  Mother’s Day is just around the corner, and while many of us generally take this time to visit and surprise our Mothers with gifts of appreciation, good food, and laughs with the family, the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic still has us practicing social distancing measures, limiting our interactions. While this certainly isn’t how we thought we would be spending Mother’s Day this year, there are still ways we can adapt and celebrate; With accessible technology, plenty of local and online buying options, and a touch of creativity, there are still lots of ways to brighten the day
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Video Chat Platforms: Social Interaction During Social Distancing

The onset of the global COVID-19 pandemic has created changes and challenges in the way we conduct our normal daily activities. While we used to enjoy taking a break from the busy world outside of our homes, we are now being asked to make that break our new reality by staying inside and practicing social distancing measures in order to do our part to flatten the curve and stop the spread of this virus. While the importance of this effort cannot be argued, it is recommended that we seek out alternative methods of social interaction to stay connected with our
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Recently social media has been filled with people taking the #TenYearChallenge. The premise is simple, share your profile picture from 10 years ago side by side with your current one. It’s a fun way to look back at the past and see how much we have all changed. We thought it would be fun to take our own #TenYearChallenge and see how things stack up in Ottawa Real Estate  compared to ten years ago. Setting the Stage: Ottawa in 2009 2009 in Ottawa had its highs and its lows. Larry O’Brien was mayor and some of the highlights for the
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